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How to Apply:

The internship placement process comprises of 5 simple steps:


1) Get in touch with us and send in your CV and Cover letter. 

2) Once we receive the documents above, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to set up an interview. During this interview we will ask you about your goals and expectations with this internship and answer any questions you may have regarding paperwork, work etc.

3) In the case that our programme sounds like what you are looking for, you will then have to submit a formal application and pay a small registration fee. This fee covers the cost of finding the most appropriate internship for you based on your specific needs and qualifications, cost of training and teaching supplies.


4) After analysing you application, we will present you with one or more internship options, one of which you will need to accept. After this, we can begin processing the rest of your paperwork including any visas, insurance, Erasmus+ documents etc. up until your arrival.


5) Let your amazing experience begin!

The process of setting up your internship usually takes between 1-3 weeks. The visa process typically depends on your consulate but often takes around 6 weeks.


In some cases, your university may give credits for undertaking this internship. Check with your university for details. 

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