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English Teacher and Project Worker

Aleksandra Czapnick

Social Media Organizer

Vittoria Graziano

Spanish Teacher and Administrative Assistant 


Italian/Spanish Teacher


English Teacher

Eshabil Nanacak

Head Summer Camp Coordinator

I have been doing this internship for over a month now and love every minute of it. The atmosphere created within the business is very warm and encouraging and gives us interns a lot of room to grow and develop not only our basic teaching skills, but within that, also our teamwork, organisational and management skills. I have seen myself continuously grow as a teacher due to the constant support and resources I´ve received from my fellow colleagues and management, and feel like I´m quickly on my way to realising my full potential as a highly skilled teacher.

Iman Zuberi - English Teacher and Project Worker

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice of internship as working in the Academy has helped me to grow as a professional. My tasks are within my area of interest and the course that I am studying. I get a real insight into how the workplace functions and I have also made life-long friendships with the other interns. I will always remember this experience as something that strongly contributed towards pursuing my dream career.

Aleksandra Czapnick - Social Media Organiser

I chose this internship because I have always enjoyed interacting with students and believed that the academy offered a proper environment for effective student/teacher development. My international team made me feel very comfortable and helped me grow both professionally and personally. This opportunity has greatly helped me improve my teaching skills and strategies and has equipped me with the tools to allow me to make a positive contribution to the education of my students.

Vittoria Graziano - Spanish Teacher and Administrative Assistant

“Casa de las Lenguas is a great place full of amazing people, and my time spent here has been the best work experience I could’ve hoped for. I’ve worked in the Academy for six months now alongside an incredible team of workers. I had a great time learning how to improve my teaching methods thanks to the continuous support of my colleagues and especially my boss, who has always helped me and encouraged me since the first day I arrived here. I will always remember them fondly as well as my students, who have taught me a lot and have made me into the teacher I am today.” 

Rosella Lovisi - Spanish/ Italian Teacher

My time spent doing this internship has been a great learning experience for me. Although short at one month, I feel I gained a great insight into what teaching would be like as a profession. Here, I learned many new skills as well as getting the opportunity to put into practice the skills I had already acquired thus far. I found giving these classes extremely rewarding especially when progress was seen. I believe this experience has allowed me to excel and opened up new opportunities for me for the future.

Izzy Fennel - English Teacher

“I am currently doing my internship in Casa de las Lenguas and really appreciate everything I have learnt so far. During this internship, I’ve performed a wide variety of tasks which will definitely help me to pursue my dream career in teaching in the future. Aside from my personal teaching objectives, I’ve enjoyed integrating with the other interns and learning from them. The fact that everyone comes from different backgrounds allows me to witness different languages, cultures and viewpoints that I wouldn’t have gotten to experience otherwise.”

Eshabil Nanacak - Summer Camp Coordinator