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Internship/Study in Practical Teaching Work (English)
A One Month Comprehensive Guide of Tasks to be Achieved from 
Day 1 in Academy until Day 30
Audience Clapping
  • Hours to be completed within given time frame: 4


    • Sit in on Classes to Learn Through Observation

    • Meet with Current Teachers/Director for Briefings on Teaching Methods and Strategies for Any Given Class/Content

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  •  Hours to be completed within given time frame: 12


    • Evaluate Student Needs and Address Student Goals

    • Research Curriculum and Create Daily and Weekly Lesson Plans Accordingly 

    • Research Classroom Activities, Review Appropriate Materials and Prepare Exercises for Students to Carry out in Class

    • Research Exam Formats ie. Components, Grading Systems, Layout etc.

    • Grade Homework and Examinations 

Class Preparation
Image by NeONBRAND

Hours to be completed within given time frame: 20


    • Classroom Activities Carried out with a Focus on the Different Elements of the Exam ie. Listening, Speaking, Grammar and Reading & Writing

    • Range of Classes include: A2 English, B1 English, B2 English, Foreign European Language, Exam Prep, Private Tuition etc.

Office Work
  • Hours to be completed within given time frame: 5


    • Reception Work ie. Emails, Phone Calls, General Inquiries

    • Emailing Students Exam or Test Results

    • Collaboration with Team Members

    • Calendar, Planners, Schedules, Paperwork, etc. 

Administrative Work
  • Hours to be completed within given time frame: At your own/academy’s discretion



  • Working with Different Age Groups in Different Settings (Camp/Class/Conversational, Young/Teen/Adult/Elderly)

  • Publicity

  • General Content Creation

  • Personal Innovation within the Academy

Additional Tasks
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